November 12, 2010

The Perak invasion #1: Anson Food Company

Everyone have this spot for homey hearty meals. Most of the times, they are simple food prepared at home with lots of love, passion and usually for the longing return.

Back then when I come back from the morning school, I always wonder what mom is cooking. And I could instantly tell through the lovely smell while walking up the stairs. Opening the blue plastic-net-like cover would reveal what I smell and initiate the hungry nerve reactions.

Similarly now whenever I ‘balik kampung’, it is the hearty nostalgic meals and lots of ‘makan’ session (and family of course) that is meaningful the long driving distance.


Jenifer invited the few of us to sample her hearty ventures, in Section 17. Known as Anson Food Company, it is also under the same management of the nearby Food Foundry. To get as homey as it could, Jenifer is from Teluk Intan (Anson) also the chef hails from the same town too.


Nyonya acar (RM 7) is a good way to start with its tangy and spicy flavors; tossed with chili sauce, crushed peanuts and topped with toasted sesame seeds. The ‘bakkien’ (RM 8) which translates as pork rolls is a common dish during festive seasons is the next dish. You get seasoned pork with minced pairing vegetables all wrapped up in a bean curd skin and fried to golden crisp.


There is the aromatic crispy duck (RM 25) which is pretty much interactive food. You get to wrap together in their home made popia skin with minced roast duck with cucumber, spring onions and sweet sauce.



More appetizers coming in with the sesame prawn toast (RM 6). A simple white bread covered with sesame seeds with prawn fillings. This is new for me, and I immediately love the aroma from the sesame seeds. There is this crunchy bite with the sweet prawn filling which would make this dish great for an all day snacks. While we’re almost full with the appetizers, the mains are served, we’ve got steamed pork with salted fish (RM 18), sweet sour pork (RM 19), stir fry vegetable (RM 11), Hakka pork belly with yam (RM 26), curry chicken (RM 19), steamed fish with Anson sauce (RM market price), Anson braised duck (RM 26) and Assam Seafood (RM 30). This is one heavy lunch!!!



IMG_83921 IMG_84031

Overall I like the appetizer choices and the pork dishes. To sum up, Anson Food Company is inspired by memories of a childhood filled with good food. Their menu comprises home-style Chinese dishes, with Nyonya influences. They currently serve lunch every Tuesdays to Sunday.

Anson Food Company
619, Jalan 17/10
46400 Petaling Jaya

Tel : 03- 7955 2336

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