September 26, 2009

Wake me up, before you go go

Sunday morning.

I love Sundays, watching  CSI  re-runs back to back . And to make it even more comforting.  A nice, warm, comfort TV meals.

So I decided to cook, ‘Tau Yiu Bak’


Literally it means soy sauce meat.

I marinate some pork shoulder meat cut into chunks, with sugar, salt, pepper, clove, soy sauce, sesame oil. and Saoxing wine. Let it rest while I soak some mushrooms, muk-yee fungus.

Clean up half of a whole garlic, and a thumb size of ginger I prepare few half boiled eggs.

And then make myself coffee to continue watching CSI.


You start to cook, when you feel it. No rush in preparing meals, and so I cook some rice, and start to heat up the stew pot. A drizzle of cooking oil and sesame oil, fry the ginger and the garlic lightly. Then brown the pork, both sides. Add in the mushrooms and the muk-yee fungus, give it a good stir and add in the balance of the earlier marinade. A good drizzle of more Shaoxing, some dried oyster and a bowl of water. Let it cook gentle over low-medium heat for the next 45 minutes. Add in peeled hardboiled eggs. Then, add sugar, salt, pepper and oyster sauce to taste.

Serve it with white rice and sit continue watching TV.