January 25, 2010

Fried Noodles

With the newly opened supermarket nearby it gives more reason to shop for fresh ingredients and cook on my own.

Here are the ingredients:IMG_5089 IMG_5094IMG_5098IMG_5101

Stir fry ginger, dried prawns then garlic,  and in onions. Add in pork and sliced mushrooms. Crack two eggs and continue frying.

A dash of pepper and salt.

Add in the noodles, and a combination of dark soy sauce, light soy sauce and oyster sauce.

Chao ar chao ar chao ar (fry fry fry!)

Add in the spring onions and beans prout. Tadaa, my TV-dinner is ready.


January 17, 2010

Little Collins’

For weekends, I usually go for the heavy Chinese breakfast or some place that’s got good coffee and pastries.

A quick MSN chat and we decided for a quick brunch and passing the long overdue Christmas gift. Not an easy decision to make since there’s a good variety including Cafe Coffee, Departure Lounge, Killiney’s Kopitiam, and yada yada.

We decided to try out Little Collins. IMG_4927It’s a bakery and florist (and gifts) shop. IMG_4910

We ordered the salmon and egg island on a wholemeal and banana French toast. IMG_4913Coffee and tea is served. I love coffee with milk, and Little Collins put in some effort to froth the milk, so when I add it into my coffee it is still a nice and warm.

The breakfast for sharing, is served:IMG_4919Salmon & Scrambled Egg Island.

There’s a choice of white bread, wholemeal, oregano or croissant  for this. I had mine with wholemeal. The bread is very and it is lightly toasted with the generous slices of smokes salmon and scrambled eggs on it.  It is served with honey mustard salad.

IMG_4922Banana French Toast

The reason I walked in to this shop. While browsing for menus, it caught me. A thick French toast with bananas, and dust with cinnamon powder, sugar and honey. It’s such a simple dish yet, so delicious. It’s like having dessert for breakfast.

Would definitely return to try out more stuffs.                                 Lovely Sunday. IMG_4909

Little Collin’s Bakery & Florist

17, Jalan Solaris 4,

Solaris Mont'kiara,

50480 KL, Malaysia


Open from 8am – 8pm.

January 8, 2010

spicy & tangy

One of my all time favorite Penang food is Assam Laksa and Hockkien Mee.

Especially Assam Laksa, I need to have it once a week. Back in Penang, this tangy fish stock noodle is a common late afternoon meal. Sometime around 3pm, you get peddlers selling at your doorstep and others including shop owners and hawkers gearing up for the crowd.

There’s some variation when this food travel down to Kuala Lumpur, despite using the same ingredients. But I’ve found a few good ones in Klang Valley.

Aik Laksa – Sea Park


Smacked between the junction of Jalan 21/17 , Sea Park, it is hard to miss the truck selling Assam Laksa and Hockkien Mee.


The tangy spicy fish stock paired with rice noodles and good vege mix of crunchies-  onions, mint leaves, cucumber, pineapple. And drizzle the rich prawn paste and a touch of bird’s eye chilies. A meal that makes you sweaty, I tend to finish up the soup to it’s very last drop or help myself a second servings.


When I am not in the mood of sour food, I opt for the rich prawn flavours. Penang Hockkien mee. IMG_4561

Back in Penang it' is commonly known as Hockkien Mee. But in Klang Valley, it’s prawn mee or mee yoke. Hockkien mee here refers to the fat udon-like noodles fried with thick slab of dark soy sauce.

So, the soup is rich and sweet, and adding the spoonful of chilly paste blends the flavors all together. Kangkung and beansprouts pairs up as a good crunch for the meal.

Talk to the friendly owners order ice kacang from the nearby stall.

Rm 4.00 for a small bowl of noodles or RM 4.50 for a big one, you get some sun, piping hot soup, loud owners talking, buzzing traffic and a happy stomach.

Oh yeah, bear a lil with the drain stench.