June 26, 2011

‘Spring clean’ lunch

Once in a while, you got to clear up the fridge. Thing about grocery shopping is, I tend to over do it, sometimes. So it’s like spring cleaning the freezer day. I found half a chicken in the freezer and knowing it’s been frozen there for a while, best way to deal with it is to cook it in stronger flavours.

So a quick curry chicken it is.

I pounded a mixture of garlic, ginger, turmeric, white pepper, star anise and close together. Finely diced some onion and chop the chicken into bite sizes. And a bowl of thick curry paste.

And I got some idea to make spiced rice, so using the same pounded ingredients, I sauté about 1 tablespoon of the mixture and add in 1 stick of cinnamon. Then I fry together with some rice (washed then strained to get rid of excess water). Then pop it into the rice cooker and a slab of butter.

Back to the curry, sauté the rest of the pounded mixture, add in the onions and let it turn golden and aromatic. Then add in the curry paste and give it some time to turn slightly reddish. Then add the chicken, and give it a good stir fry, coating the chicken with the paste. Then enough water to preferred consistency, and let it simmer till it’s ready. Salt and pepper to taste.

And within minutes, rice is ready and serve it hot with the quick curry chicken.