April 24, 2010

Frog Porridge

Nestled in the busiest streets and being crowded round the clock, Jalan Alor has seen many days and nights. Almost being taken it’s infamous identity last year, this street has never failed with its’ abundance choice of food. IMG_5413IMG_5416One of my favourite supper in Jalan Alor is the  the frog porridge, where the stall is smack right in the middle of the stretch. The frog porridge is a popular supper choice for party goers and sleepless hungry city owls. This is a joint of having it’s food done at it’s best. They only serve plain porridge, frog porridge and ‘kung-pow’ frogs. That’s all.IMG_5414I chose the plain porridge and the must have ‘kung-pow’ frogs.  In a wink of time, the staffs would snips away the ends and into bite sizes from a basin full of frogs and feed it thru the Pyrex wares over the flaming stove. A pretty simple, effective and fast system. IMG_5419Within minutes supper is served, with that lovely steam and that volcanic gurgling. Now usually, kung-pow is a stir fry sauce of cooking dried chillies, cashew nuts with onions and other base. But here, it’s being improvised to this thick gooey sauce  and laden with bird’s eye chillies. Warn you, the heat could set you up to the moon.IMG_5424 The best way of eating it is to dilute the heat, so you mix the ‘kong-pow’ frog with the plain porridge. You’ll love the sweet frog texture, like  a cross between chicken+fish+scallop.IMG_5425 IMG_5428Yum, I love great suppers and look that crowd.IMG_5430