January 17, 2010

Little Collins’

For weekends, I usually go for the heavy Chinese breakfast or some place that’s got good coffee and pastries.

A quick MSN chat and we decided for a quick brunch and passing the long overdue Christmas gift. Not an easy decision to make since there’s a good variety including Cafe Coffee, Departure Lounge, Killiney’s Kopitiam, and yada yada.

We decided to try out Little Collins. IMG_4927It’s a bakery and florist (and gifts) shop. IMG_4910

We ordered the salmon and egg island on a wholemeal and banana French toast. IMG_4913Coffee and tea is served. I love coffee with milk, and Little Collins put in some effort to froth the milk, so when I add it into my coffee it is still a nice and warm.

The breakfast for sharing, is served:IMG_4919Salmon & Scrambled Egg Island.

There’s a choice of white bread, wholemeal, oregano or croissant  for this. I had mine with wholemeal. The bread is very and it is lightly toasted with the generous slices of smokes salmon and scrambled eggs on it.  It is served with honey mustard salad.

IMG_4922Banana French Toast

The reason I walked in to this shop. While browsing for menus, it caught me. A thick French toast with bananas, and dust with cinnamon powder, sugar and honey. It’s such a simple dish yet, so delicious. It’s like having dessert for breakfast.

Would definitely return to try out more stuffs.                                 Lovely Sunday. IMG_4909

Little Collin’s Bakery & Florist

17, Jalan Solaris 4,

Solaris Mont'kiara,

50480 KL, Malaysia


Open from 8am – 8pm.


justin.net said...

i wonder if it open on first day new year of the lunar calendar.

thenomadGourmand said...

Her carrot cake is good! so is her banana bread!
Too bad now the carrot cake is only in cupcake form and her banana bread is hardly avail unless u pre order!

little Collins said...

tq for the post! always great 2 hear pple enjoying our food : ) will make efforts to upsize the carrot cake. our bread menu changes so we allow customers to pre-order even 1 loaf. fresh is best. you can try our "custom made" bread service - we'll name it after you if it's popular!

qwazymonkey said...

I've bought some bread form this bakery before, but never really tried eating in. Looks lovely. Btw, love your shots of this tight little space. Very warm and rustic. I like.

Banana French Toast here I come!

Chaokar said...

justin: har? you call to checkla.

nomadgourmand: Oh. I'm a big fan of banana pastries. I'll remember to try the banana bread.

little collins: Thanks for dropping by too. I shall try your 'custom bread'. But i dont think roti ryonn or roti chaokar is a good name to sell. HAHAHA

monkey: monkeys love bananas kan. seriously, let's go together nak?

Yin said...

Hi Chaokar
It was really nice hanging out with you for a quickie breakkie :) And the Christmas pressie was lovely - hugs :)

Your photos are so beautiful, I'm ashamed to post mine now...

Mrs Multitasker said...

Hi Chaokar,

Thanks for the shout-out =)
Your pictures are gorgeous. And I am now craving some thick bread with bananas and cinnamon...