June 14, 2009

My Sunday Lunch


Winter Melon Soup,

With a handful of anchovies, dried squids, dried oysters, half a garlic and some sesame oil, I had them boiled over 60mins to make the base of the soup.  An hour later, I sieve thru to get clear seafood stock and I add in cuts of chicken and the winter melon. Boil over gentle heat for the next 45 mins and they are ready, with a dash of salt and pepper.

I always prefer my soup to be clear, and sieving helps to keep the soup clear.IMG_2410

And I’ve got some fried rice. Will save some for tomorrow’s lunch at work, since I’ve make quite a lot.IMG_2411

Stir fry sambal French beans

Bought some nice French beans from the ‘pasar malam’ few days ago, and with a twist of my mum’s ‘sambal belachan’ in the fridge, i throw in some minced meat and ‘choy pow’ salted carrots. Fry everything in the hot oiled wok with generous amount of chopped garlic. Simple.


So, that’s my Sunday lunch. What’s yours?

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Sugar Bean said...

Wow, though so simple, they look so delicious! And the presentation of the food look so neat and nice! Looks healthy too! ^^