June 13, 2010

Tanjung Sepat

While my schedules are settling back to normality, I still needed a short excursion to refresh myself off the madness. So with my trusty Garmin, I decided to venture to Tanjung Sepat.

About an hour journey from Damansara, equipped with Glee soundtrack and mostly self-composed-duwaaabs with unknown scats, I got there late in the afternoon. The plan is to do a quick tea break, walk around the fishing village, watch the sunset, seafood dinner then back home.

First stop is to Hai Yew Hin, the famous pau shop of Tg. Sepat. The age old coffee shop is furnished with countless fading newspaper-review cut outs. The joint has seen better days and right opposite their dine in, it’s their new mini-production facility where everyone could just walk in to place a bulk orders and look at the busy ladies working on the steamed buns.

I ordered the sang yuk pau and the mui choy pau, and within second they are served. Pair it with the local coffee, you get yourself a lovely tea break.       IMG_5905


Mui Choy Pau (preserved vegetable steamed bun)


Sang Yuk Pau (steamed minced pork + hard boiled egg bun)


Before dinner time, a drive & walk around the fishing village;





This particular temple caught my attention,


Look closer and you will learn that Batman and Robin originates from Tanjung Sepat, not Gotham City. HahahahaIMG_6022

By dinner time, most of the local seafood restaurant is packed with customers, I chose Ocen Seafood Restaurant. And 45 mins later (the price you pay when you choose a restaurant based on number of crowd in it), dinner is served.


Sizzling O’chien (clam’s omelette)

Hands down to this, I feel this is one of the best o’cien I had. They altered theirs to a deconstructed version, with a nice crispy layer of omelette and the fresh clams, unlike the usual o’cien which is too starchy for me. This version gives a great texture and the sizzling plate keeps it warm too.


Stir fry potato leaves with sambal

Every meal got to have some greens, so here it is. Nothing to shout about but no complains too.


Steamed lala

Seafood at it’s best when it’s being cooked in the simplest way. Here the clams are being steamed with ginger, chilies and rice wine, and you get lovely broth.   


Crab in salted eggs sauce

Mud crabs, deep fried then coated with salted eggs sauce. A nice aroma from the curry leaves.

All in all, there’s is nothing to boast about of the cooking style, the main difference here is the freshness of the seafood. And yeah, it make a huge difference when it is this fresh.


A night walk after dinner.


There are few other things I discovered, which it’s available in the morning, and I shall come back to:

1. savour the seafood bakuteh (breakfast only)

2. visit the coffee house (they roast their beans everyday at 7am)

3. orchard visit (longan & dragon fruit)

4. seafood maggie mee (where instant noodle is cooked with the freshest catch of the day)


How is your weekend?


Jin said...

Hate you~~~~


Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

awesome and very nice pictures !! I tried the Mui Choy Pau too and not bad the taste...

Chaokar said...

Jin: nice isn;t it.

Sonia: Hey ! you've been there too. I love the sang yuk pau. Meaty with the hard boiled egg

Chaokar said...
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fatboybakes said...

wow, i wanna go for that o chien. whaddaya mean hands down ah? is that another way of saying thumbs up?

Chaokar said...

FBB: yeah the o'chien is good. Hand down here - my hands down like bowing .... hehee

Nate @ House of Annie said...

Oh man, that oh chien looks good. Be still, my heart!

Seafood bak kut teh? Do tell?

jason said...

Lol about Batman!

Horlic said...

the oyster fried egg looks so yummy! and the PAO too!!!