July 25, 2010

twenty.one _ tables + terrace

The last time I was at the third floor of BSC was on the last show of The Actors Studio before it relocate to Lot10. Now, spotting a total makeover, BSC also house this sleek and chic restaurant + bar.  Richard and Dinesh hosted the dinner and I got tag along thru qwazy monkey and weeshiong


After a round of introduction, Richard introduced us the bar tender and the chef, and soon we have a taste of their signature cocktails. There were, 21 Degrees, T&T martini & popcorn martini. Creative take on the popcorn martini, a blend of creamy butterscotch and vodka. My vote goes to 21 degrees, the sweet x-rated cocktail that is infused with brown sugar and lime.


First for the starters, we’ve got;

-sautéed green asparagus with hollandaise alioli, poached egg, beef bacon, lettuce & balsamic reduction
-rolled smoked duck breast with cucumber, carrot, spring onions, garlic & chilli Hoisin sauce
-roasted wild mushroom soup with cheese croutons, truffle cream & crispy beef bacon


I love the the asparagus dish that is served with hollandaise sauce and a perfectly poached egg. It is a very “textural” starter of a good crunch with the rich and creamy sauce from the mix of hollandaise and the silky runny yolk. Then, we have the mushroom soup, or rather mushroom smoothie, with cheese croutons. I could taste the mushroom and pepper very well, and it’s that well-bodied you could actually chew your soup. My take, I still like my soup, being more soupy and I’ll love an additional dollop of cream to mellow it. Next up we have the mains, with ‘meaty’ choices of:

- spicy linguini with braised lamb, coconut cream, sautéed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, basil, mint & red curry
- slow braised beef cheek with mash, fresh vegetables & potato chips
- braised lamb shank with steamed potatoes, green asparagus, pesto, tempura eggplant & chilli mint salsa
- braised beef burger with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles, English chips & gherkin alioli


My vote goes for the braised lamb shank. The meat is tender and the perfect pairings seals the deal. The refreshing taste from the pesto sauce with steamed potatoes and blanches asparagus is like a surprisingly summer (that same feeling when you pair watermelons with bubbles). The tempura batter eggplant gives a nice compliment to the soft, melt’y meat. The beef burger, yum is nasty. The patty is thick and beef’ey and the the sauces are silky but could get a little messy.


The concept of Twenty.One_tables + terrace is a dining bar + club. The flow of the “pumped-up” evening goes from, dressing up, walk in to greet your friends, get cocktails, the gourmet & fusion dining, hang at the bar, chill and sway a little. It is ideal for hosting 21st birthday parties I’d say. It is energetic, young and hip, and if you want a quiet meal, go during lunch time or an early dinner before the party’ish crowd come in. Currently, there are lunch and happy hour promotions going on.


Lastly, the sweet ending with;

- baked dark chocolate ganache with warm chocolate cream, lemon curd & choc soil
- passion fruit mousse with poached berries & variations of caramel

IMG_6772 IMG_6779

Twenty.One _tables + terrace
t1, 3rd floor, bsc 285
jalan maarof, bkt bandaraya,
59000 KL

t: +603 2287 0021
w: www.drbar.asia



CUMI & CIKI said...

sweet ending.. eh.. is that anything like happy ending :P LOL

nice shots, glad u guys had fun!

J said...

LOL. Cute napkin. Did someone really leave you a kiss and phone number or is that printed by the restaurant?

Chaokar said...

yeah, we had fun and the chocolate ganashe is good !

It's pre-printed serviettes.

qwazymonkey said...

Coolios! Now I'm officially the last person to put up the review. Next time must not invite you efficient bloggers. Make me look bad only. Mwahahaha

babe_kl said...

I kept forgetting they have an outlet here :p

Chaokar said...

monky: alaaa. you've got heaps of stuffs to write. i need to post something before i start forgetting them.

babe_kl: ha, one in changkat bkt bintang, and this one in BSC.

jason said...

Lol, love the serviette :D