January 28, 2011



I have been bad!

My apologies being being un-disciplined, uninspired and being missing in for the past months. There is a long list of belated festive greetings and interesting food and places that I have ventured yet to be featured. And to feel even worse, I still get visitors stopping by and read the old posts and hoping for new posts.


Chaokar Smokes would be a two years soon, since I started in Feb 2009.

2010, is a great year. And for 2011, I am going to adhere to how things started. *Fingers crossed



babe_kl said...

happy 2nd blogniversary! keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Happy blogniversary- ryuetim

UK Removals said...

These dishes are not only beautifully arranged, but as I have tried them already, their taste is superior, I recommend them to all gastronomes!