January 3, 2009

welcoming ChaoKar

Chao Kar, simples means kitchen in Penang Hockkien.
With my love for food, cooking, tasting and all, I want to document things I've tasted and get into making them.

I blame all this food craze to my parents whom now stays in Kelantan (east cost Malaysia), but would drive over 300 kilometres back to Penang (west coast Malaysia) just for their fix of Koey Teow Th'ng, Assam Laksa, Chee Cheong Fun, Java Mee, Passembor, Char Kuey Teow, and more. And being raised in Kelantan, with the neighbouring Thailand (Southern Thai) enhances my experience in chomping down beautiful and tasty food. 

This is going to be an interesting journey.

Chao Kar tuk huei liao
(the kitchen is smoking)


jason said...

Welcome onboard to the gastronomical world!

ChaoKar said...

thanks for coming onboard !

QueenSLeen said...

woo hoo!

maybe one day you can open your very own restaurant!

ChaoKar Smokes!!