January 29, 2009

the kampung taste

Like every true Chinese families, family gatherings and celebrations is about chomping down food and gamble. Well, at least my family keep this tradition. 


Despite having to find comfy spot in the overcrowded house of over 30 people, no internet, and shouting babies, I look forward for every meal, back at my grandparent’s house.

With every meal prepared, I notice how my 70 year old grandmother make sure things are prepared her way. The long hours and the old kitchen with character, seems to be the busiest place all the time.

And since I started this ‘chaokar smokes project’ I tend observe  on food preparation and I notice carefully that my family loves the nyonya / peranakan influence in our daily meals.

Just look at this simple lunch, we ate while waiting for the rest of the relatives to come back.

IMG_9028 IMG_9036IMG_9038

A simple ‘ikan kembong goreng’. And it’s heavenly crisp and tasty to fins and bones. So how grandma prepare the dish?

Popo: salt, tumeric powder, and fish

Me: that’s all?

Popo: yeah, and fresh fish. Like real fresh. Fish never taste good anymore if you refrigerate them.

So that’s her secret, she never keep fishes in the freezer, and she buy them fresh off the market whenever she’s cooking them.

So, after frying in hot oil, serve along with other dishes and most important, the sambal belachan.

More CNY food post to come…

Gong hei fatt choy.

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