February 9, 2009

LYJ ‘Pun Choi’


One of the hidden gem in Sg. Buloh, spent almost an hour driving and braving thru the journey of potholes. So it’s a CNY cum birthday surprise dinner.  Parking at the side of the road can get a lil tricky, and we parked about 200 meters away and walked towards the restaurant.

And there, there’s two restaurant with the same name, not sure if they are related but we booked a table at the intermediate unit.

And what to order when you go to a hakka ‘pun choi’ restaurant?


The ‘Pun Choi’

Literally means a tub of braised meat and vegetable it is among the famous Hakka cuisine. Roast Duck, Fried Prawns, Steamed Chicken and Fried Fish topped the special braised pork, mushrooms, abalone chicken feet, ah… the list is just long.

This is my first time eating ‘pun choi’ and i don’t know where to start. Everything is just so delicious. And i spent the next 5 minutes standing filling up my plate and bowl with chunks of meat.


The ‘Lor Mai Kai’

It’s more challenging to prepare than it’s ‘ordinary’ looks. The meat and most bones were carefully being removed and being stuffed with glutinous rice. Being steamed to perfection and then deep fried to golden crisp.


Ginseng Chicken & Pork Soup

And I thought why the waitress serve us two cups of tea. And apparently it’s chicken soup. And I love the idea of having small servings of these soup in those Chinese tea cups.  Having a strong distinctive taste of the ginseng, and being kept warm in it’s special pot, this soup is non-greasy type and its stimulate your taste buds from the strong flavour of the ‘pun choi’. A great pairing.


And here’s the whole thing, for 11 of us.

Restoran LYJ Sdn Bhd

PT 11-12 & 16-17, Jln. Perkhidmatan

Kg. Baru Sg. Buloh 47000 Sg. Buloh

Tel:03-6140 2678


smallkucing said...

Looks very tasty. How is the pricing like for the Pun Choy and the Chicken. The one at Desa Aman Puricost around RM40/pot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Small Kuucing,

thanks for dropping by.
I've yet to try the one at AmanPuri. Will drop by and hunt for it.