February 13, 2009

Leftover Rice

So I always love to cook extra rice whenever I make dinner. So the next day I get to make fried rice.

Like one of the simplest thing to cook, it’s really hard to go wrong with fried rice. Unless, you never been to a kitchen before, or you're like.... dumb.

Fried rice had come a long way, and from it’s humble beginning of not wasting food; it is now part of the staple menu in regardless who you are and which part of the world you’re in.

From the Chinese style, to Malay style, Mamak style, Thai style, Indonesia style, and etc…. you can have it dirt cheap or pay a cut throat price for it.

So a quick search in my fridge i found ‘lap cheong’, eggs, carrots and ‘choi sum’. Throw in some chopped garlic and sliced onions it would be served with my must-have 'cili padi' and soy sauce.

IMG_9466 Here’s a 3 steps guide:

1: Hot wok, oil, garlic, onions, then ‘lap cheong’ then eggs, then vegetables.

2. One tablespoon of oyster sauce, dashes of ‘nampla’, soy sauce, pepper, dark sauce sauce, salt and scope in the leftover rice.

3. Stir everything well and 10 minutes later, lunch is ready.


I like my fried rice ‘greasier’.


jason said...

I like mine with char siu.

Anonymous said...

haha, the charsiew would be nice if cut it in chunks and deep fry em a lil.