February 14, 2009

instant Dessert

ice cream

Well, dessert is one of the things that is hard to go wrong. As long as it’s sweet, refreshing and looks good, there is always room in your stomach. Even if you just ate a whole lamb. or Cow.

So, in less than 2 minutes, vanilla ice cream, passion fruits, and mints from the garden.

There you go.

I love the ‘poppin’ seeds of the lovely passion fruit.


jason said...

Oh yes, I understand what you mean! But where to get passion fruit?

Anonymous said...

I got mine from JustLife, the organic shop at Ikano, Lower Ground. They may look like bad fruit on the outside but they are perfectly fine.


Jin said...

Eh....there are roast pork flavour for ice cream. wanna try? made of pork lard and real roast pork.

And bitter gourd ice cream too.