February 21, 2009


Been said many times, many ways… The key for delicious food is still based on the ‘freshness’ of the ingredients you get.
Personally I’m okay with shopping from hypermarkets, strolling aisle to aisle with recipes popping up every time I pass by some fresh / gorgeous looking meat / vegetables / seafood.

So Friday, a day I look forward every week and so I was driving back from the city when I got caught in a traffic caused by onlookers of this overturned lorry in the OPPOSITE side of the road.

So, being mad, I went on to this lil-fresh mart in TTDI. My favourite place to stock up. Not that it measures over 10000 square feet of selling space, but there is something about this humble shoplot. Because it’s a small shop, turnovers are faster and somehow things are much fresher.

So, after being stuck in that time-wasting traffic, cooking Friday dinner would be therapeutic. It always work. A quick glance, and I got myself:

-a white pomfret , some choysum, spring onionsIMG_9600

So dinner’s going to be steam white pomfret and stir fry choysum.
A simple Friday dinner.IMG_9602

So, the array of other ingredients; spring onions, garlic, chillies and 'salted plum’.IMG_9604

Throw in some mushroom and ginger, and a gentle mixture of sauce, oyster sauce, salt, pepper, ‘nampla’ and bind them all with some sesame oil and two tablespoon of water.IMG_9610

Steam the fish for about 10 minutes and, stir fry the choysum with some garlic, salt and soy sauce.

Overly said tips of getting fishes:

1. clear, bright eye

2. shiny, taut, bright skins,

3. Flesh that feels firm and elastic


To avoid:

1. Strong of fishy odour

2. Dull, bloody eyes

3. Fading skin and gill colour


Have a nice weekend :)


justin.net said...

wah~ both also my favorite. :p

Anonymous said...

i love the fish steamed teochew style. yummy