July 4, 2009

King of all kings

The king of all fruits, the craziest burst of flavours, always the sharpest smell that fills the air and texture one will always remember.


So, my parents came for a visit (yet again) and this time, mum pass me this bag of filled with damp newspaper, and surprise surprise… it’s durian. All the way from Kelantan.

There’s this breed, which my parents would only eat, as they pre-order them when they start to fruit on the trees. No joke here, these breed are in high demand, and over the years my parents had made friend with the orchard owner. It’s the ‘kunyit’  / turmeric breed. And according to my parents, they have lotsa immitation breed claiming they are kunyit durians, and charge you for something it’s not.

Well, having durian the old school way isn’t too bad, and that reminds me of the excitement of ‘opening’ my durians when I younger.

So I decided to do it at the balcony, with newspapers all placed and a cleaver in hand.


First you cut/chop along the lines. Two cuts at least, and after doing so, use the sides of the cleaver to push for space.


Then using upper body strength, open the crack! There’s the excitement when you see some of the golden flesh. And the smell…. Yum yum.


Look at those beautiful baby.



And without further adieu, you feast.

I like my durian sweet with a tinge of bitter after taste. The bitter aftertaste that lingers in the mouth always give a nice conclusion to it’s early creamy, pungenty texture. And especially if they have those smaller-wrinkly-shrinkly seeds, you know that you’re getting more durian flesh than seeds.


Then came the part you work your way thru other goodies. Squat down and use upper body strength again to crack open them.


Oh what a beautiful day.


Yin said...

welcome back to blogging :D

missed you lah!

eh...bring a piece of durian to rehearsals tomorrow nite...wanna try ;)

qwazymonkey said...

eck...spew spew.

Chaokar said...

yin: thanks ! Was busy with work recently, haven't been cooking. Stay tuned.

qwazy monkey: Love durian, dont spew em !

chiselstone said...

OMG. Didja simpan some for me. I so wanna eat now! NOW!

Chaokar said...

chiselstone: I keep it to meself !YUMMMMMMMMM

Ho said...

oh DURIAN....

cheellyn said...

omg, is this the durian which u said is the best type in kuantan??

Chaokar said...

KELANTAN not kuantan la.