December 7, 2009


Not because I’m abandoning the blog. It’s just that with my recent projects and travelling, I didn't manage find much time to cook.

But I do get reminders.


The place I’m staying in Bangkok, during my business trip. And it comes with a full functioning kitchen.

DSC00121Drawer #1

DSC00122 Drawer #2

DSC00123Drawer #3

DSC00125I love that colander.

DSC00126Basic plates and all.

DSC00127And lobsters.

Saw that in the Sukumvit Soi24 Seafood Market. But I didn’t cook it myself la. It was an interesting seafood market, where you buy your life seafood and get it cooked in the restaurant. And it’s funded through ‘entertainment claims’.


qwazymonkey said...

a full kitchen and u didn't put it to good use? Aiseh!

jason said...

What the... such luxury kitchen!