October 26, 2009

Seafood Porridge

I’ve got this cook book entitled ‘bowl food’. One of my all time favourites, it features meals in a bowl. Comforting and one go kind of meals. And nothing is more comforting to me, than a bowl of porridge during those rainy days.

So, a quick boil of the stock using, 2 cloves of garlic, dried cuttle fish and a thumb-cut size of ginger. Once the stock is ready, add in 2 cups of rice. I use Thai-fragrant rice, with their higher starch content and the fragrance  it’s perfect for porridge. IMG_4129

Add in dash of sesame oil, salt, pepper and fish sauce to taste. Once you get the right porridge consistency, add in fresh prawns and pomfret.



jason said...

Nice nice... semacam poskad liddat :)

Anonymous said...

Why you always make me hungry with your photos and not real food? ...Jin