September 9, 2010

Buka Puasa charity dinner

Not something that I would usually post up but I joined monkey & “fairy God mother” at a recent buka puasa dinner, hosted by the Empire Shopping Gallery. With 25 orphans from the Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari, this is the first social responsibility effort by the Empire Shopping Gallery which opened just a few months ago in Subang. It has shone as a one-stop neighbourhood mall that provides for all the needs of the surrounding area, in fashion, food, fitness, beauty, leisure and education.

So without further adieu, I help myself with Kelantanese food by Belanga.


A simple and tasty East Cost delights, there’s Rendang Daging, Ikan Tongkol Masak Lemak, and Nasi Dagang. There is something about buka puasa ‘ramai – ramai’ , where everyone sits together and wait till the time to break fast. And especially for the children, a tinge of excitement and shyness didn’t deter them from having fun.


It was time for giving, in the big-hearted spirit of Raya. The Empire Shopping Gallery management had RM10,000 to present to Rumah Amal Bestari which is located in Kampung Melayu Subang. Ustaz Johari B. Maksom, who runs the home, accepted the cheque from Danny J.Y. Cheah, group executive director of Mammoth Empire Holdings, Yap Chiew Lee, director of Mammoth Empire Project Management Sdn Bhd and May Woo, general manager of Empire Shopping Gallery.



Selamat Hari Raya !!


qwazymonkey said...

Meriah sungguh kan? Selamat Hari Raya!

Hooi-Khaw said...

You captured the spirit of Raya with these orphans breaking fast at Empire. Great pictures too.
-- Marian

Chaokar said...

monky: meriah meriah. ur tg. jara lagi meriah ! hahahaha

marian: *kow-tow* thanks to you :)