August 28, 2010

Ramadan Bazaar, Kg. Sg. Penchala


During Ramadan, food bazaars sprouts out in every corner, campaigning like the Malaysia Mega Sale. Whether you’re fasting or not, streams of hungry people would double park, pushing their way, just to check out the mishmash of Malaysian food. So, despite the sweltering heat of a hot Saturday afternoon, I make my way to Kampung Sg. Penchala to let myself willingly ‘seduced’ by the abundance of food medley.



Swaggering around with joy with hungry ‘eyes’, the folks in the bazaar greets with excitement and inviting note for me to photograph them. Well, much to my knowledge there were journalists earlier there that goes around snapping away for Sunday write ups. That is why there’s flair of volunteering poses for me to photograph their food and stalls.





While snapping away and like all impulse purchases, I bought too much than what I could handle.



And. Stuff. Myself.

I feel like a thanksgiving turkey.


Now, which Ramadan bazaar should I go next …. Decisions, decisions.


Yin said...

i love the nasi kerabu pix!!

CUMI & CIKI said...

gorgeous .. the quails egg shot is amazing!

UnkaLeong said...

I dragged becks to get sugar can juice at the nearest pasar malam after seeing your last shot :)

J said...

BTW: Don't worry - stuff away! All in the name of happiness. :)
(Besides, you are slim! You can afford to add a few more pounts n still look good lah)

Chaokar said...

yin: hehe blue rice !

ciks: thanks !

unka: it's nice to get those fresh ones ay.

J: acks, i need new pants ya know!

Cyrene said...

aiyoh.. seeing your pics is making my tummy rumble..

Anonymous said...

view your blog make my puasa "kurus"... hahaha