May 11, 2009

Grilling my weekend

The hot weather didn’t deter our BBQ spirit. For a surprised birthday party, for welcoming a return from Canada, for Wesak day, for mothers’ day …  for all you need is just great company of friends and good food.

So we grill our evening away while laughing out laud and chomping down 10 pieces of lamb steak and 20 over pieces of chicken wings.1

So, by default I’m the chef of the day and I just enjoy doing it. 2

Siew yoke for appetizer, and salad with dips, non-basmati Briyani. All these complementing side dishes, all wash down with home made sangria and cold beers.3

While waiting for the food. 4

And so, dinner is meaty, I mean ready !5

Setting up the dining table, enjoying the sun set, the gentle breeze and lovely company.6

And to end the dinner with a splash as we all wanted to be synchronize swimmers.


qwazymonkey said...

Cheh. Not invited also. LOL

Great party dude, looks like you were a great host! Cute apron btw.

OMG, my verification word is: SCRAM

Nic (KHKL) said...

your pics have this really cool tint la, dude. and it goes well with the picnic. fresh!

CUMI & CIKI said...

ths last collage is really cute.. hillarious la u guys ROFL!

Chaokar said...

Hehehe, we shall plan for one BBQ here k.

I'm still experimenting with my limited lens. Still saving to get better ones. :P

Cumi &amom CIKI:
Hahaha, i know, we all attempt tosynchronize swimmers, splash splash

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Love the synchronized swimming. Wanna see my version of synchronized drowning?

Chaokar said...

okies, we get everyone a round of BBQ and do a new version of synchronize swimming. Nak? Hehehehe