May 16, 2009

Last Sunday

It’s 130am now, and while waiting for my chiffon cake, I’ll post up what i had last Sunday.

Running around every weekends (well till mid June) white getting things organized and planning for the choral event burns my fuel and the way for me to recover … is to cook.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, that cooking is therapeutic for me. Now that explains why am I waiting for my chiffon cake in this crazy hour.

So last Sunday I made 3 dishes. A chicken dish, a seafood dish and a veg dish.

With one induction cooker and an oven. I present you a dinner for two:


Garlic and choy sum, fry over hot oily work with garlic and soy sauce, a pinch of salt and a stir of fast ‘chao chao chao’IMG_0865

Decided to make this dish when I was watching Martin Yan’s show on AFC. He made the chicken version, and since I’ve got some of this lovely squids in the freezer, I have it ‘gong POW sotong’

Hot wok with few dried chillies, then ginger and garlic. Then add  the squids in, then add in the sauce mixture of sugar, salt, oyster sauce, vinegar, corn starch, dark soy sauce. Easy right?


Lastly, ‘steamed’ Kampung chicken with wolfberries, ginger and ‘dong quai’ I have it steamed in an oven, covered with foil and a tray of water. Add in some sauce sauce and pepper before serving. Lovely weekend dinner.


Nic (KHKL) said...

dude, i just realised that u call yourself "lancifacecancook"...aiyoh, u so farny lah! haha!

yeah, cooking is therapeutic, i absolutely agree. but the thought of washing dishes is really turning me off leh. maybe it's time for a dishwasher..hehe

Yin said...

chaokar >> My mum is VERY impressed by your sotong dish. She said that you cut the sotong so beautifully. PRO!!! and she was honoured to meet u tonite ;)

hairy >> hello there! nice to see you here too ;)

Chaokar said...

nic: dont you agree? I've got a lanciface and i can cook. Hahaha. Secretly, I've got a dishwasher, but non-machine ones. HoHoHo

Yin: I felt so happy that your mummy enjoy looking my food. We should have pot luck at your place sometime after choral festival. I wanna make something for ya mummy. She like curry? or rice wine chicken?

Yin said...

ooooh, pot luck, i love pot luck!! yes yes, gimme date and we shall throw a party.

let's invite that KHKL dude too since he stays nearby ;) plus he can be our paparazzi :P

Ry said...

hehe, sounds cool.

Let think of a pot luck after my choral fest k. Choral fest is early June.

CUMI & CIKI said...

looks delicious! and nice blog uv got here , btw:D

Chaokar said...

Thanks for dropping by CUMI & CIKI.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Dahling, you make it seem so easy to cook. Me, I'll be sweating and fretting and cursing when I burn them all.

Chaokar said...

Hey lyrical lemongrass, cooking is never difficult la. But then it's always very easy to eat. Ho Ho Ho