March 21, 2010

Chai Boey

Just got back from a week-long business trip from China and gosh, it was pretty difficult without facebook and blogspot. In case you don’t know, China blocks these sites. Sigh.

After a week long of bland tasting Chinese food, I’m craving for something strong and exciting tasting.


Chai Boey

I make stock using chicken + dried squids + dried oysters + onion + ginger + garlic. Chai Boey is great with leftovers of roast pork/chicken/duck/etc but since I don’t have any, I brown some pork ribs and shoulder cuts that simply marinated with soy sauce, sesame oil, salt and pepper. After that it in the stock I prepared earlier and add in the mustard greens, mushrooms, tamarind and dried chillies. Salt and pepper to taste. And adjust the acidity and the spiciness to your preference.



Stir Fry Siew Pak Choy

A simple stir fry siew pak choy with oyster sauce and crispy dried prawns.



Ginger, spring onions prawns

Saute ginger then garlic, then add in the prawns. Add in soy sauce, salt and pepper and some water, then spring onions. When the prawns are fresh, the sauce would taste good by itself. It’s really a simple dish.

So, here’s my Sunday dinner.




qwazymonkey said...

Perfect for a rainy night like this one! Yumz

darn ed said...

omg, kai choy ! usually my mum will add in sardines as well ...

Chaokar said...

jon: yarr ! it'll taste better tomorrow.

ed: sardines? never tried that before. do you add together the sardines sauce?

Chaokar said...
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thenomadGourmand said...

After a week even better ;)
(if all yr frens dont come gate crashing and eat them all up! ;p