March 14, 2010

Pusat Penjaja Air Panas, Setapak

One of my very first food hunting adventure.  Been getting raving reviews about this ‘dai chow’ in Air Panas, Setapak.IMG_5156

Pretty hot day, hot crowd and smokin hot kitchen.IMG_5158

The trademark, you won’t miss the stall where they hang Hennesy boxes around.


Spicy, crunchy and goes great with anything. Must have more of this on my next visit.



The ginseng red dates tea. Definitely a great thirst quencher. And lunch is served;IMG_5165




Hmm…I will be going back again.



p/s: Next stop, China for a week.


qwazymonkey said...

Ciki's favourite place! I've yet to try it though. Is that Unka in the background?

Chaokar said...

yar, i tried it today and i'm a convert! it's really good.

and yes, that's unka. How can you tell?

UnkaLeong said...

'Twas a blast. Get to test drive new City summore ;P

@jon : What gave me away? ;)

Yin said...

I donch wanna fren Unka anymore. He promised the next time he makan makan with Chaokar he will calls me. But never calls one.

Sobz sobz.

qwazymonkey - jom, we go without them :P

thenomadGourmand said...

Ha! Nx up.. hhmmm... pink sage? ;p