March 10, 2010

Salted Fish Curry

Something you don’t find it everywhere, is this salted fish curry. It’s pretty simple and it’s full of great flavours. So I had flabby Nick to join the dinner and I have; salted fish curry, stir fry spinach with lentils, acar and some leftover hamchoy soup. IMG_5144


 Salted fish curry

3 portion of salted fish bones (ikan kurau)

1 portion of  salted fish (meat chunks)

4 onions

2 tablespoonful of garlic and ginger pounded to paste

A dash of mustard seeds

Fish curry mix

Egg plant & ladies finger


Saute the garlic & ginger paste with the mustard seeds, then add onions. Once it brown a little, add in the curry paste. Let it simmer then add in the salted fish. Add two bowls of water and let it simmer on low heat for the next 45 mins. Add in the egg plants and the ladies fingers.IMG_5142



Simple acar

Half a pineapple

1 Carrots

2 Cucumber

4 Chillies

1 Onion

Vinegar, salt, pepper & sugar.

A handful of mint leaves


Julienne everything and toss it with the sauce. Keep it in the fridge.IMG_5136


Stir fry spinach with lentils

A bunch of spinach

A handful of lentlils (soak in water for about an hour)

2 Dry chillies

1 tablespoon of garlic & ginger paste

Fry the dry chillies then add in the garlic & ginger paste. Then add in the lentils and keep frying on low heat till everything is soft. Then add in the greens and salt and pepper to taste.IMG_5140

Leftover charchoy soup

A simple leftover soup using charchoy and old chicken.


I must be mad for cooking so much for a Wednesday dinner.


p/s: dear Sandy (my colleague), Yes I am saving some curry for you and will bring it to the office tomorrow. Don’t worry I didn’t put lizards in it.


Yin said...

Flabby Nick!! LOL, so funny ;)

I'd love to use garlic but it gives me gas. Terrible gas. Any alternatives? the secret to your wondrous cooking as simple as a lizard?

Chaokar said...

Hi Yin,

You know who la. Flabby nicky. Hehehe. It's pretty hard to replace garlic. But maybe you shoud try it in smaller quantity and mash them into paste?

Yin said...

Yup, we all know who ;) Perhaps you should feed some extremely healthy food instead so he'll be less flabby ;)

Hmmm...ok, will try to mash minute amounts of garlic instead :P

qwazymonkey said...

kamu ini tak baik lah. Hari hari tempting orang saja. Tapi tak pernah ajak over makan. Apalah!

I've always love Ikan masin curry. Every tried Lemak Nenas Ikan Masin before? Syiok i tell u

Chaokar said...

qwazymonkey: hehe, we should meet up for a cook up someday. Yar, I like masak lemak nenas too. Also goes well with fresh water fish. Yum yum.

Nick said...

What's with the Flabby thing woi!! Thanks for the dinner, we almost finished it...

Yin said...

I agree with qwazymonkey. Stop tempting us!! Invite us over real soon, you promised my mum to do so. Chaokar smokes is on her google reader, yunno :P

Nicky flabby nicky flabby. We're just telling the truth :)

UnkaLeong said...

I know that there are two main types of kiam hu. One's called "tan lao". I keep forgetting what the other one's called (the better one). I always end up buying the wrong one back for mom from my diving trips. Heheheh..

Joins Yin&Jon in the corner, bila nak ajak I makan?