April 9, 2009

7 + 1

7 dishes,

a dinner for 8

IMG_0322 The signature tofu. I just point, at the picture on the wall, didn’t know what is it called. It’s so good, we ordered two. YUM YUMIMG_0321

‘Yat Chi Kuat’ literally means, a bone. Not too greasy, reminds me of chicken breast it’s actually a pork dish. Taste;  like a combination of ‘char siew’ and braised meat.IMG_0323

Sweet potato leaves, stir fry with garlic.IMG_0324

Stir fry bitter gourd with salted egg. YUM.IMG_0326

Steamed ‘pak sou gong’ Freshwater catfish. YUM.IMG_0328

Pineapple pork, YUM YUM YUM.IMG_0332

‘ Siu har’, sizzling prawn. YUM


7 beautiful dishes and a  lovely Thursday evening dinner with close friends.


Restoran Sun Yao Tak Teng (1st Floor)

(Corner lot, next to Guardian Pharmacy)

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, KL


qwazymonkey said...

Oh thanks for reminding me of this place. I've not been there in a while. Should pay a visit very soon. Nice pictures anyway!

Yin said...

Oh, my mum and dad used to go here every Tues after their bukit kiara run. I've only been there once but yes, good food :)

hewwooos qwazymonkey - u oso know chaokar ah? if u do, then this Nov you gotta come for our show. hehehehe.

qwazymonkey said...

Yin: I dunno choakar one. I jumped here from your blog. Hehe. What show in Nov?

Anonymous said...

thanks for dropping by qwazymonkey. you have an interesting comic strip yourself :)

thanks to both of you for linking up too.

Ryonn @ Chaokar

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