April 11, 2009




2am, vanilla muffins. YUM


Fable Frog said...

you make till 2 am??? that's insane!

Anonymous said...

love to cook ma. It,s nice that i'm having the muffins for breakfast by the balcony now. Yum. chaokar

Yin said...

i had Hilton Sentral choc chip muffins last week but yours look even yummier. must be coz it's baked with love :)

qwazymonkey said...

I know this is only my second comment on your blog, but can I come move in with you? You seem to be making some form of goodies every other day. They look wonderfully tempting.

Anonymous said...

hey yinny,
thehehe, mine turn out soft but a lil too greasy. but all is good.

Oh my, you can move in provided you love to do dishes. and laundry. and there's a list you see.
Hahahaa, yes we all love food aren't we.


Yin said...

chaokar, say YES. qwazymonkey is a real cutie and a real sweetie ;) plus he does amazing comics!!