April 27, 2009

loving spicy

Growing up in an interesting culture, I like my life of constant being spiced up. Or drama. Hence the spiciness in my choices of food. Hah. So lame.

So for Sunday dinner, I happen to have every dish to be … well spicy. And I had ‘em in peranakan version. Improvise peranakan version.

1. I had curried roasted sting raysIMG_0475

I use about 400gms of sting ray cubes, marinated with generous amount of curry powder, two onions, some garlic, chillies,  fish sauce, salt and pepper.

Pop into the oven at 180’c for about 25 mins. Then serve with some cilantro and a squeeze of lemon.

2. Blanched okra with mum’s sambal belachan IMG_0479

It’s hard to wrong with this dish, and it’s EXTREMLY EASY. Since mum came for a visit, she never fail to being me some goodies from the kampung. Speaking of which, now i have 5 tubs of chopped and skinned ayam kampung in my freezer. This time, she add in a jar of sambal belachan. Lovely, thanks mum.

So you blanch the okra with a dash of salt and few drops of oil for about 3-4 minutes. And all you get is crunchy vegetable with perfect sauce pairing.

3. The instant prawn curryIMG_0482

I forgot to cook something with sauce (I love nasi banjir) i decided to make the oh-so-instant-prawn curry. I had some prawns, had them cut into half and remove the veins. For the sauce I use garlic and ginger, add in the tomatoes, the curry mix water and chicken stock. Salt and pepper to taste.

4.And everything on the tableIMG_0484

See, a spicy Sunday dinner.

*note: this is dedicated to crazymonkey’s weekend where he had to work* Hahaha.


qwazymonkey said...

You're such a hater. Never invite me over also. What's the point of showing me pictures. Making me hungry all the time. Even at un-Godly hours like this. But then again I bring it onto myself for visiting your blog. Arghhh.

LOL. Anyway, great spread man! Next time roll out another setting and invite me over

Nic (KHKL) said...

*queueing up to take a number to be permitted to join chaokar's awesome, AWESOME dinner partys*

psst, delicious leftovers are fine to me as well! ;D