April 24, 2009

pimp my noodle

So, instant noodles deserve some … kinda respect too.  For being one of the easy, cheap, satisfying and very available kinda food, it is under appreciated. I feel. :P

So coming back late from work, and feeling hungry. I ‘upgraded’ my instant noodle dinner.IMG_0458

Big prawns, fishballs, and chow sum, and my tom yum flavoured noodle become even more yummy.


Since mum is in town, she brought me a jar of home made ‘sambal belachan’. as usual.


justin.net said...

your food presentation very good, y not open a restaurant? let's call it See-Food. :p

Yin said...

gourmet instant noodles - brilliant :)

can i have some sambal blachan too? pweeease?

Chaokar said...

Justin: i really wanted to have my own restaurant someday. Hah, wait and see.

Yin: ah, no probs, remind me if i lupa k. goodies to share. :)

jason said...

You piccies are getting better! Keep it up!

Chaokar said...

Thanks Jason,

Thanks for dropping by. We should a cook up party someday.

Slurp slurp