April 2, 2009


Heavy rain. Cloudy. Windy.

So a warm, soupy fuzzy meal would do the trick. IMG_0273

No special skills required to cook porridge, just chunk everything in and have it to your preferred consistency. So i add in chunks of carrots, potatoes, thin slice of pork shoulder cut and few pieces of the rich flavours of dried oysters.

Cook till it’s mushy and soupy, add in few dash of sesame oil and salt.IMG_0277

I always like my porridge with salted eggs. Oh, my nasi kandar too.IMG_0278

Serve with some fried shallots, a dash of pepper and some chopped cilantro.

Fuzzy? YumYum.



Yin said...

Sesame oil! so that's the trick :)

Anonymous said...

yeap, sesame oil and salt.
Always give the porridge the beautiful taste. Also some pepper before serving it.


Recipe man said...

i love the photos
can one use onions and not shallots if they are hard to find?

Anonymous said...

Hi Recipe man,

Thanks !
Fried onions wouldn't be as crisp as shallots. It could 'sweat' during the frying process.

I highly reckon shallots (very useful in many Chinese dishes)

Then again, maybe you can experiment thinly sliced onions lightly baked in oven with some oil.

Tell me if it works,


Nic (KHKL) said...

i like the soft tone on those pictures. very cool!

and yes, nothing beats a warm, hearty meal on those rainy days.

Anonymous said...

Hi nic,

Thanks for visiting.
I always like hot soupy stuffs.

See you around.