April 1, 2009


Mid of the week, I always feel happy and exited on Wednesdays.  Not to mention when I cook too, it’s like a constant supply of ‘happiments’

A simple Wednesday dinner, I’ll have a stir fry vegetable, and some soupy meaty dish (so I save time on a soup & meat dish)IMG_0258


The ingredients;

For the stir fry vegetables dish, I’m going for … I call it my ‘crunchies’. A rojak of any vegetable that I can use, as long as they are crunchy. Feel free  to improvise this, cause the main thing that I am looking for is the texture.

So I have broccoli, baby corns, carrot, wood ear- fungus  ‘muk yee’, and Chinese mushrooms. The flavors would come from ginger, garlic, dried shrimps, and the sauces.IMG_0263

Cooking this dish is not difficult, but the texture to me is very important. So i give attention to it’s cut, and I prefer a match stick cut or  ‘julienne cut’. And I’ll have them blanched  for about 3 minutes and then stop the cooking process under cold running water.

The objective is to get a nice soft but crunchy texture but at the same time maintaining the shape. If you stir fry then straight away, and  to get the texture as I preferred, it would be overcooked. or unpleasant looking.

Well, maybe this is just me.  :PIMG_0264

So, then I’ll heat the wok and oil, put in the dried shrimps and ginger, then the garlic. about 20 winks later, add in the wood ear fungus and mushroom, about 3-5 tablespoon of water, a dollop of oyster sauce , soy sauce and pepper then put in the blanched vegetables. Stir fry for about 40 winks, ( agak agak, 3-5 minutes lah) and it’s ready.

And start munching the ‘crunchies’ 

Optional: Can also use: cauliflower, celery, zucchini, radish, turnips, and some other crunchies la.IMG_0268

Then the meat dish, this is less tedious to prepare.

I have sliced pork marinated in generous amount of ShaoXing wine, pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil.


Lay the dish with garlic and ginger and pour over the meat and the marinade.

Steam it for 13-15 minutes and serve it with a touch of cilantro.

Ooops, I suppose to put the wolfberries ‘kei chi’ on the meat but I accidently had them hiding beneath em.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone.


Yin said...

you're so kiut lah, timing count by winks ;)

and thank you for the meat dish recipe...i wanna try that this weekend! ran out of garlic and ginger tho so need to stock up :P

Anonymous said...

hahaha, the quirky cook. go to that mart i told you in TTDI.


jason said...

Hahaha, not bad to count by winks ;)