March 28, 2009


It’s a stunning piece of artsy-dessert, beautifully inspired by this Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. AP_CygneFig:

I would love if someone could name me after a dessert. Well, like how her beautiful ballet moves, pavlova is a gentle meringue dessert which is crispy on the outside but light and fluffy inside. Think marshmallows. IMG_0221

With my reference from page 39 “Jamie at home” and from I’m inspired to make mini pavlova like the ones I read from 


It’s not too difficult to put everything together, I’ve used:

-4 large eggs whites,

-1 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence ,

- 1 1/2 tbsp of cornstarch,

- 2 tsp of wine vinegar,

- pinch of salt

I whip everything and in no time everything is fluffed up and have them spooned to the tray with baking papers on it.IMG_0228

about 3 large table spoon and a gentle press to create a ‘valley’ for the toppings later.IMG_0231

  130’c, 45 mins (or till they are crisp) later: IMG_0249

Well, I think over baked mine, it’s not suppose to be so tanned. Something not so right with the sugar / baking time. But hey, it taste perfect. (mind you this is my first time making this dessert)IMG_0244

I just love how it look on the tray and my sweet tooth calling is just hard to resist.IMG_0234

It’s almost midnight, and I took out some mascarpone cheese, spread it over two piece of the meringues and a handful of strawberries. Yum.


Yin said...


I bet the mascarpone cheese was leftover from the tiramisu :P where do u get your cheese anyway?

Anonymous said...

yeah i still have some mascarpone cheese n my fridge. I bought mine from Cold Storage.


Dion said...

i prefer the meringues nice and time...lower heat and leave it longer to "dry." Whipped cream and mixed berries I love...just like fresh pavlovas from Alexis...but yours looks good nontheless...hrmnn...mascapone....strawberries and balsamic syrup over those meringues coud work too...yum yum

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

So cute lar your itty bitty meringues.

jason said...

Tanned meringue! Nice name :D
If only I have an oven at home :(

Anonymous said...

Dion: thanks for the advice, i want it to be white too, but don't know what went wrong. :)

LL: it's is cute, i was jumping with joy when they came out from the oven

jason: uhuh, accidentally pleasant. now you should get and oven too.