March 2, 2009

in a meeting?

I had a day long meeting today, and being Monday it’s always a great challenge to beat the Monday-ey-blue.

So while I listen to some meeting updates from other department, I was looking attentively at my debating-colleagues’ expression and an occasional nod of affirmation.

But in actual fact, I’m thinking about cooking….. and food

I was imagining about  roasting pumpkin with onions and sage. A simple serving of pumpkin peeled and cut into cubes and wedges of onions. Toss with a handful of sage, salt and pepper.

Roast with some olive oil for 30 mins at about 180’c. Lovely, peppery flavour with the sweet golden pumpkin


It’s an imagination. No end product picture. Yet.

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Bernie Wong said...

Nice photo of SAGE, good lense!