March 16, 2009

breakfast for supper

One of the hardest thing for me to resist. Eggs.

Well, it’s way past midnight and having some re-runs of shows over the satellite TV, it’s got to have some nice warm supper to go along with.

So when I open the fridge, I’ve got half a loaf of bread, eggs and milk.

Pop two slice of white bread with generous amount of butter, I toast the bread for 3-5 mins in 160’c. Take em out, and slowly pour over the egg.IMG_9998

I want my yolk runny, so another 5-7 mins in 200’c would be just nice.



A dash of pepper, few drops of soy sauce.
I just had breakfast for supper.

Goodnight :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like oval surrounded by sperm. I hate egg yolk!

jason said...

I don't have oven here :(
And I don't really like to use microwave oven.

Anonymous said...

anonymous: without the yolk it's not gonna be nice

jason: go get an oven. :P


Life for Beginners said...

"I just had breakfast for supper."

Mmm. That's a great idea to mix it up a little. (Devil likes your Chinese soup suggestions - we'll definitely do the lotus root one soon; gotta make use of our slow cooker, rite?)