March 10, 2009

it's easier to cook,



It's 1030pm, and while waiting for my Hong Kong TVB drama that starts on 11pm, I needed some sugar.

Oh I remember having some sweet potatoes I bought last Sunday, and why not. Throw in a thumb size ginger, pandan leaves, boil till it's soft and a handful of rock sugar.

See it's much more easier to cook than to drive out for a takeaway.


Yin said...

i have some sweet potatoes in my crisper actually....just need to go out and get some ginger ;)

jason said...

Where to get pandan leaves?? Wet market ar?

Anonymous said...

yin: i'm gonna try something with the rest of my sweet potatoes.remember to check it out k

jason: pandan leaves, can get easily from any kedai runcit what.