March 27, 2009

Lotus Root

Cooking time is specially crucial in making Chinese soups.

‘Lou four thong’ literally means soup boiled over gentle heat, for a long period of time. And there’s a huge difference when cooking soup gently, rather than boiling everything in a mad rush.

So i got back home late last night, well past midnight and  I quickly want to make lotus root soup for the Saturday.

Trying to minimize neighbours complaints, I have the lotus roots peeled and cut into half an-inch think. A generous amount of spare ribs, and throw in dried oyster and stripes of dried cuttle fish. All in with half a garlic, and 1.5 litres of water into the slow cooker pot.IMG_0211

On low heat, I have it cook till this morning, about 8 hours.

And the morning greets you with a wonderful smell from the soup. And you know it’s a beautiful ‘lou four thong’ when you can taste the rich yet clear flavours bursting out, even before I add in salt.IMG_0219

Soup got to be less oily, not too salty and not too much of dried seafood pairings so that it not too overpowering. I just love soups, it’s healthy, tasty and seriously easy to make one.

Well, the next time I make the same this lotus root soup again, i got to remember to cook it with peanuts and red dates.


Have a nice weekend everyone.


jason said...

Oh nice piccies! I think I should get a slow cooker too.

Yin said...

i'm gonna cook this tonite and have it tomorrow ;) thanks again for sharing!

Anonymous said...

jason: thanks, go get one it's perfect for soup

yin: show me pictures !!!!


Yin said...

pix will be up soon on fB ;)