March 26, 2009

Getting adventurous with pork’s tripe


Grandma would make this mean soup, every time she’s expecting us. It’s her way of showing love, and I believe like many other Asian families it’s a way, to show the unspoken care and love among family members.

Just the smell of it, reminds me of the journey back home.

Well, this is my very first time making the soup. No joke here, cleaning the stomach does take a lot of perseverance. Really.

Unpleasant sights and weird smell is just synonymous.

Well, the lady boss ‘sales talk’ me to buy one when I was getting my regular supply of meat. “aiya lengchai, it's very easy to clean it one

Plus my 10 minutes over the phone instructions from my mum, I nailed it. 

“Scrub with tapioca starch, massage in and out, exfoliate it with salt, wash off, boil it in hot water, take it out scrape the membranes and fats, boil again, repeat and finally cut it to bite sizes.” and one hour spent just to do so.

A chicken + pork ribs stock, a whole garlic, a handful of crushed white pepper, all thrown into the crockery pot and cook for the next 6-8 hours.

The next day just smell nice, with the peppery, soupy and soupy, and soupy and … soupy …IMG_0132_1

So the simple lunch comes with a simple side vegetable pairing. Finely shredded cabbage, carrots and black fungus ‘wood’s ear?!’ all stir fry with a dash of chopped garlic and ginger and infused with soy sauce and oyster sauce. A pinch of salt and dash of pepper. 4-6 minutes cooking time max. IMG_0136_1

And since I’ve got extra tiramisu ingredients, why not making more of it for desserts.  Oh, my sinful weekend. 


Precious Pea said...

I had bad experience with pork stomach bought from the wet market. Was told it's clean but when i turn it inside out..nightmare! I cried while cleaning it. Now i really really make sure it's properly cleaned before i buy, but those from supermarket like Tesco really cleaned.

Anonymous said...


Yeah cleaning the stomach is not an easy chore, and i respect my grandma for having them cleaned so throughly. Makes me treasure this dish more.

I got my pork supply from this butchery in Taman Megah, An Shin Pork Shop. It's a very Chinese shop with clean and friendly service.

Just walk in, tell them what you want to cook, and the butcher would tell you which cut is good and all.