March 6, 2009

and a dinner for 3

And since I got a 4pm meeting in Bangsar, and I could end it by 530pm. Making dinner is like a good Thursday plan. And a quick MSN invite to get the guest sorted.

Bought a nice chunky cut of sting ray, and I decided to make fish curry, the Indian style and some suitable side dishes to go along with.

Flaming Sting Ray CurryIMG_9633

Well, like everyone would have they own way of making curries, I’ve also develop my own preferred way of making curries. There’s no definite way to cook curries, but stick to the ones you prefer. After all, how wrong can you go with curries.

My personal style is closer to the Indian style. Never like the too-diluted Chinese style and healthier than the ‘santan-ny’ Malay style.

A splash of oil, and fry those lil mustard seeds, then add in the mashed ginger, garlic and wedges of onions. Fry till it’s aromatic and add in a teaspoon of ‘cili giling/boh’. Then add in the fish curry mix (I use 5 tablespoon Adabi fish curry + 1 bowl of water).

Fry the mixture till it’s ‘cantik’ then add a bowl of water and let it simmer. Once it starts to boil throw in the tomato wedges, eggplants, then the string ray cubes. Turn to medium heat and let it cook for the next 25 mins before turning to low heat, and 30 mins before serving it, put in the lady’s finger and let it blanch to crisp.

Kobis goreng kunyitIMG_9628

A very simple side dish made of shredded cabbage and beans with a twist of garlic and ‘cili padi’. Stir fry consistently while adding a dash of turmeric and curry powder. Of course you can’t be so ignorant to forgot the salt.

Eggy prawny omeletteIMG_9630

Seriously you don’t need instructions for this dish.

And there you go, all ready in 1.5 hours.IMG_9636


And the lucky guest, snap snap snap and makan.

Handmade Chocolates,IMG_9639

Lovely isn't.


Oh, there one with Vodka filling. Twas absolutely delicious.


Yin said...

I LUB you Chaokar Smokes! Thank you for the dinner invite :D

Hug hug!!

jason said...

Thanks for the dinner tips! ^^

Anonymous said...

yin: mission accomplished ! Thanks for the chocolates

jason: alaaa, it's an instinct